What is the importance of the "Master Password"?
This is the one password used to unlock your password vault. It should follow all best practices and be a high-entropy passphrase.

How do I recover my data if I forget my password?
In this situation, there are two options. First is to use the generated recovery image the encodes your password for you. This can be done from the login screen. The second is to restore from a backup with a known password. This is done by selecting the backup file and opening with Safe Passage.

Do you have any "backdoor" to recover my data?
100% absolutely not. Your data is your own and it is not sent anywhere except where you explicitly choose for it to go.

Do I have to store my data in iCloud?
No, by default your Documents are stored locally.

How do I backup my data?
Under Settings, select Backup. Enter the desired password for the backup, which does not need to be the Master Password.

What is a recovery image?
A recovery image is a QR Code representation of your password. The data is obfuscated should someone scan the raw data but it should be physically secured. In the event of a lost password, you can unlock your vault by scanning this image from the login screen.

What is "Auto-Lock"?
This feature leaves your vault open for a set period of time after you background the app. This way you can jump between your vault and another app.

What is "Secure Pasteboard"?
This feature clears your pasteboard when you close the app. It prevents you from accidentally copying a password to your pasteboard and launching another app that would now have access to it.

Is an iPad optimized or OS X version available?
The iPad optimized version will be available imminently and an OS X version is currently in the design phase.