Safe Passage

Safe Passage - Password Manager

Grant yourself Safe Passage from remembering all of your passwords. Just manage your one master password and Safe Passage secures the rest with secure, industry best security practices.

- Password management that can be hidden or shown
- Notes can be taken of arbitrary length
- Images can be taken from your camera or photo library and stored securely in selectable resolutions
- Backup your data for restoration later
- Recover your data in the event of a lost password
- Web browser built in for secure browsing linked to your stored web sites
- Password generator with customizable rules
- Auto-lock when backgrounded so your data is protected
- Fully searchable to easily manage your data
- Favorites and Recent items are at your fingertips
- iCloud document storage to seamlessly share your data across devices
- Customizable groups to secure more than just passwords
- Universal iPad version will be released soon!

- Military grade Advanced Encryption Standard suitable to secure classified data
- Master password salted from a Cryptographically Secure Pseudo-Random Number Generator to protect your key from specialized attacks
- PBKDF2 key stretching ensures your password is safe from brute force attacks

- We want your feedback! Please contact us in-app through Settings -> Help & Support -> Contact


Data Vault Management - Manage and search all of your data right from the Vault. You can search by name group or all of the fields!
Passwords & More - Store more than just passwords, store anything sensitive... even images! Different types of data are displayed differently. Passwords are hidden by default, Notes allow an expanding edit/view area.
Context Actions - Each vault deposit has context sensitive actions. Password group items hide your password but have a context action to show them. URL items can be launched in the secure web browser as well.
Images - Securely store images of selectable resolution straight in your vault. Great for taking a quick picture of a parking pass or other information you don't want available in the event of a lost device.
Strong password generator - Generate strong unique passwords for all of you logins right from the app. Managing the passwords in-app means you never have to remember the password again. Select from an easy to understand rule set to create passwords for any login.

Context Actions

- General

Camera - Add pictures both from your camera as well as your photo album.
Group - Add your vault deposits to fully customizable groups.
Edit - Directly edit your data.
Copy - Copy in-app data to your pasteboard.
Trash - Securely delete any in-app data.

- Password

(Un)Lock - Toggle if the password is hidden.
Key - Select to launch password generator.

- Web Browser

Globe - Select to launch link in secure web browser.